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Two killer whales pass by two children

January 27th, on the island of Waiheke, New Zealand, two children were swimming in Enclosure Bay when they were brushed by killer whales. With their large black dorsal fin on the surface of the water, the two marine mammals passed only a few meters around the young swimmers to get out of the bay, causing

New Year Prank in China On New Year's Event, a large counter was set up on the front of a shopping mall in Hangzhou, China, to allow thousands of people on the street to celebrate the New Year. But while the clock showed 23h59mn58s under the eyes of the crowd excited to join 2018, the time is suddenly spent

Is there still hope for Sense8 and other series after these declarations from Netflix’s producers?!

The streaming service responds to the criticism it received by characters from the film industry and spoke of cancellations of such series as The Get Down and Sense 8. Once again, Netflix has good news for its investors. The streaming service managed to get 5.2 million subscribers, 2 million more than expected would get this

What Donald Trump said after the premiere of the new season of American Horror Story

"What began as the unwanted, as impossible, today has become reality." The phrase by Fox's reporter the night of Donald Trump's unexpected triumph in the United States presidential election is the linchpin of the new installment of American Horror Story: Cult. The anthology of terror devised by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk turned the sinister