4 rules to lose weight without suffering!

 Being (and staying) thin is the dream of all, but good that badly, this is a privilege that almost always, does not come without efforts. We know many of the ideas of crazy diets to lose weight, but now, we know that maintaining the line should not be synonymous with suffering, on the contrary, you

UN imposes new sanctions on North Korea for its nuclear tests

 The UN Security Council today approved a resolution with new sanctions against North Korea for the nuclear and ballistic tests it has been conducting since 2006. The resolution, which was unanimously endorsed by the 15 members of the Council, was proposed by the United States, but until the polling station was completed the text was

The Jungle (2017) Daniel Radcliffe Trailer

 The British actor Daniel Radcliffe is known for his performance of the wizard boy named Harry Potter it’s looking for takeoff that image and it's very close to premiere his next film named “The Jungle”. The tape it is based on the best seller written by Yossi Ghinsberg published in 1993, in this book Ginsberg


 Over the years, this question has been asked and the answer can be seen in our everyday lives. Although it is often argued that since technology has come into existence, things have been a lot easier, notwithstanding we cannot neglect the fact that technology has done a lot of harm over the years since its


 The level of technology in a particular geographical area has the corresponding effect on the growth and development of that area. The higher the level of technology, the higher the rate of development and vice versa. This explains why countries like Germany, USA, China are more developed than most African countries such as Togo, Cameroon,

Watch Most Amazing Prank Video

 Watch Amazing Prank Video Here 1. BRASS EYE - Cake In the 90s and early 2000s, Chris Morris was the clown Prince of satire. His parody investigative news show, "Brass Eye" set out to mock documentaries that examined social ills. But he also duped a wide variety of English celebrities into recording PSAs warning about a